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Wilmington, DE 19801

The Delaware Charity Challenge is a unique fundraising and athletic competition designed to give organizations, families, and individuals a fun way to raise money and awareness for their favorite causes. Teams that enter may designate any charity they want as a beneficiary of funds they raise as a team. Part of the proceeds from the race registrations and the race sponsorships will go into a prize pool that will be distributed among the charities that raise the most money and to the charities of the teams that win the individual race events on the day of the Delaware Charity Challenge.  


2016 Adventure Relay Race

The Delaware Charity Challenge Spring Games primarily consist of team 5K races and an adventure relay race.

The Adventure Relay Race will provide a fun challenge to those teams that want to compete in something other than a 5K.

The Adventure Challenge Relay is a competitive team relay race that is run concurrently with the 5K at the Delaware Charity Challenge spring games.

Adventure Challenge Team Relay

The Adventure Challenge Relay is a fun team relay event that is a separate competitive race at the Delaware Charity Challenge spring competition.

The University of Delaware Sport Event Management seminar class helped with many components of the 2016 Delaware Charity Challenge Adventure Challenge Relay. The 2016 Adventure Challenge Relay events included:

  • Dizzy Toss.  A combination of Dizzy Bat and Cornhole.  Spin around 10 times, and then get 10 cornhole tosses (5 tosses per team member).
  • Fitness Challenge. One team member does air squats and the other team member does situps.  30 seconds for each part of the challenge.
  • Word search. Each team will have four minutes to find as many words as they can.
  • Tennis Ball walk. Teams will have 1 member navigate through a small course with a tennis ball on a racket while blindfolded. Other team members will guide them through the course to drop the ball into the bucket at the end. 
  • Hit the Targets. Teams will hit 3 different targets with various balls. Football through a hoop, tennis ball hit a bottle, soccer ball into a goal.
  • Soduko puzzle. Teams will work to solve a sudoku puzzle as quickly as possible.
  • Hula Hoop Relay. Team members line up and link arms and have to pass a hula-hoop from one person to another without using their hands.
  • Golf Ball Relay Race. Teams run down the hill to the collection of golf balls, one team member runs back up with ball on a spoon to drop golf balls off, runs back down to tag partner, partner then takes their turn running up to drop golf balls off. Teams do this as many times as possible without dropping golf balls in given time frame.
  • Golf Ball Track Race. As a team you have to pass along a golf ball on separate pieces of train tracks. You have to get the ball from one end of a course to the other end without dropping it. Click here to see video from last year's golf ball track race.

Team Ellis & Lamont won the 2016 Adventure Challenge Relay and split their $100 prize between Connections CSP and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. 

Watch our promo video from the 2016 competition.

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