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Wilmington, DE 19801

The Delaware Charity Challenge is a unique fundraising and athletic competition designed to give organizations, families, and individuals a fun way to raise money and awareness for their favorite causes. Teams that enter may designate any charity they want as a beneficiary of funds they raise as a team. Part of the proceeds from the race registrations and the race sponsorships will go into a prize pool that will be distributed among the charities that raise the most money and to the charities of the teams that win the individual race events on the day of the Delaware Charity Challenge.  

Why Participate?

Getting involved with the Delaware Charity Challenge should be both fun and rewarding.

The Delaware Charity Challenge is an outdoor challenge event fundraiser unlike any other in the greater Delaware region.

Unlike many other races or events, the Delaware Charity Challenge gives you the opportunity to focus your efforts on the charity of your choice, in advance of the race, and through the race itself. Learn more about the Delaware Charity Challenge here.

As many nonprofits are aware, there are often significant costs associated with organizing and promoting a fundraising event. For example, a 5K fundraiser may cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 or more in race administration fees alone. When time is factored in, the cost to put on these races becomes significant. Race registration fee helps offset those costs, but not necessarily helps raise money for the nonprofit. The formula is quite simple: if enough runners participate, the organization should cover its costs (and certainly having outside sponsorships helps). While races are undoubtedly good fundraisers for some organizations, for the majority, they are not. 

The Delaware Charity Challenge seeks to change this paradigm. Instead of any one organization incurring the administrative expenses to put on a charitable fundraising event, Innovincent (and other sponsors) are helping to shoulder those costs, which will be paid through the race sponsorships and race registration fees. A portion of those fees will go into a prize pool, which will be distributed to the charities that raise the most money (during the fundraising portion of the challenge) or who are the beneficiaries of the teams that win the various races at the Delaware Charity Challenge (at the event itself).

To participate, teams (nonprofits, businesses, individuals) can register to join the race. These teams designate any nonprofit organization as a beneficiary for their team's fundraising efforts. Once the Fundraising Challenge begins, teams help promote the fundraising aspect of the Delaware Charity Challenge to their friends and raise money for their charity. The charities designated by these teams benefit from these fundraising and promotional efforts. At the conclusion of the Fundraising Challenge, the charities who raise the most money benefit further by sharing in part of the prize pool. Then, the charities have an additional opportunity to raise money by having their teams compete in the Delaware Charity Challenge races because the charities of the teams that win the various races that day will win the remaining part of the prize pool.

The Delaware Charity Challenge and Nonprofits

The Delaware Charity Challenge was created in part to help nonprofits who are looking to raise awareness and funds for their cause, but do not necessarily have the means or the manpower to put on a fundraising event like a 5K, or have put on such events but with little success or return on investment. The hope is that the Delaware Charity Challenge will grow into a premier fundraising event for nonprofits. Even the smallest nonprofit can participate and potentially raise several multiples of their registration costs (even after time to promote their team and their charity is factored in). 

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