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The Delaware Charity Challenge is a unique fundraising and athletic competition designed to give organizations, families, and individuals a fun way to raise money and awareness for their favorite causes. Teams that enter may designate any charity they want as a beneficiary of funds they raise as a team. Part of the proceeds from the race registrations and the race sponsorships will go into a prize pool that will be distributed among the charities that raise the most money and to the charities of the teams that win the individual race events on the day of the Delaware Charity Challenge.  

Fundraising Challenge

The Race to Raise fundraising challenge is a fun way for different teams to raise money for their favorite nonprofit causes.

Teams pick their favorite charity to raise money for.

Unlike most races, teams are not limited to any one particular charity to support by participating in the race. Instead, the race will be full of different charities all competing against each other under the Delaware Charity Challenge flag. Charities benefit just as they would if they put on their own race, except that instead of having to handle the administrative and marketing headaches, they can put together a team and instead concentrate on promoting and raising money for their charity.

The charities win when their team raises money and can win more if they raise the most money or if their teams win one of the races at one of the Delaware Charity Challenge competitions.

There are two fundraising components to the Delaware Charity Challenge: the fundraising component and the racing component. Each of these aspects are fun and unique ways for the teams and charities involved to raise money and awareness for their cause.

The Spring race to raise Fundraising Challenge runs from January 1, 2018 to May 5, 2018.

The Race to Raise Fundraising Challenge is one of the most unique things about the Delaware Charity Challenge. This is not a traditional fundraising event for a specific charity, Rather, it is a challenge where several charities are all competing to raise--and win--the most money at the same time.

Charities benefit from being selected as recipient from an individual team's fundraising and racing efforts. Specifically, teams that participate in the Delaware Charity Challenge can designate any charity they want as a beneficiary for their fundraising efforts (they can choose from over 1.5 million charities). Charities must be US-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofits, and have their information available on Guidestar, which collects the charity's information directly from the IRS. Teams can only designate one beneficiary. If Company 123 wanted to have its 15 employees participate and designate three beneficiaries, they would have to form three teams, and each team could select a different beneficiary.

Once teams have their charities, the goal is to raise as much money as they can for them through their friends, families, and various social networks. The 2018 Spring Race to Raise fundraising challenge runs from January 1, 2017 until its end at 10:00 a.m. on May 5, 2018. During this time, teams are encouraged to raise as much for their charity as they want, and we encourage and help promote their charity and their team any way they can (but primarily through social networks). Donations are made to a US-Based 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Network for Good) through the fundraising platform (CrowdRise) and are 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Transparency for the Delaware Charity Challenge is important. Donations will be aggregated on the fundraising leaderboard, which are updated in real-time and available 24/7 so everyone will know whose charity is winning the fundraising challenge at any given time. During this time frame, there may also be promotions from the Delaware Charity Challenge's sponsors that may provide additional opportunities for the charities to raise additional money. 

For nonprofits forming a team and who have corporate support for their own fundraisers, this is an opportunity to get them (and potentially their employees) engaged with your organization in a completely different way. For example, you may want them to simply donate to your team, or you may want to convince them to form their own team and potentially raise money for your nonprofit that way. Many businesses have a corporate match program and this may be a way to get the company to support you indirectly. The hope is that the decentralized nature of this event will help raise awareness for the participating organizations in a greater way than through more traditional fundraising methods.

The three teams that raise the most money will win first, second, and third prize for their selected charities in the Delaware Charity Fundraising Challenge. Prizes will be awarded from the Delaware Charity Challenge Prize Pool, which will be created from part of the proceeds from the race registrations and race sponsorships.

More information about the Fundraising Challenge can be found on our FAQ page.

The athletic Challenge

There are currently four different athletic competitions scheduled to take place in 2018. The Winter Games, consisting of an indoor triathlon, will return on Saturday, January 6, 2018. The Spring Games, a 5K and Adventure Challenge relay, will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018. We will also be holding a 5K race in Kent County at Killens Pond State Park at a date TBD. The Summer Games competition will again be part of the First State Duathlon (at Bellevue State Park on Saturday, July 21, 2018). A fourth quarterly competition will be announced soon.

Teams that compete at the Delaware Charity Challenge compete for or on behalf of a pre-selected charity. In the Race to First 5K and Adventure Challenge Relay, the teams that win each of the competitive races (the Men's 5K Team Race, the Women's 5K Team Race, the Co-Ed Team 5K Team Race, and the Adventure Challenge Relay) each win a portion of the prize pool for their respective charities. In the Winter Triathlon, teams that win the competitive divisions in the Medley Triathlon and the Run, Row, Bike Triathlon will each win a portion of the prize pool for their respective charities. We anticipate having a small prize pool awarded to the top fundraising teams in both the Kent County Delaware Charity Challenge 5K and the First State Duathlon.