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The Delaware Charity Challenge is a unique fundraising and athletic competition designed to give organizations, families, and individuals a fun way to raise money and awareness for their favorite causes. Teams that enter may designate any charity they want as a beneficiary of funds they raise as a team. Part of the proceeds from the race registrations and the race sponsorships will go into a prize pool that will be distributed among the charities that raise the most money and to the charities of the teams that win the individual race events on the day of the Delaware Charity Challenge.  

Delaware Charity Challenge April 13 Update



Delaware Charity Challenge April 13 Update

Charles Vincent

Weekly Update: Week of 4/10/16

The 2nd Annual 5K and Adventure Challenge Relay is 17 days away!

Only 17 days before the 2nd Annual Delaware Charity Challenge Race to First 5K and Adventure Challenge Relay, which will start on Saturday, April 30 at 9 a.m. at Brandywine Creek State Park (41 Adams Dam Road in Wilmington). As of this morning, the teams have raised nearly $13,000 for different nonprofits as part of the Race to Raise fundraising challenge!

As of 10 a.m. today (4/13), teams have raised $12,991 for different nonprofits as part of the Race to Raise Fundraising Challenge. Congrats to all of our fundraising teams!

You can see the list of all of the different charities the teams have selected here on the Delaware Charity Challenge website our our Crowdrise page. The Crowdrise page also shows how much all of the teams have raised and their current places in the Race to Raise fundraising challenge. We are going to continue highlighting each of the teams on our Facebook and Twitter pages so be sure to like and share those posts so that you can raise more money and awareness for the causes you have selected. If you tag #challengeDE on Twitter or Instagram, we will also do our best to like and share your posts and pictures.

Registration will remain open for the next couple of weeks and many teams are looking to recruit more teammates so please encourage anyone interested in running or walking (for a team or just for fun by themselves) to sign up here: For those competing or have friends who are interested in this year's Adventure Challenge Relay, we will be sending more details out about that particular event later this week and early next week.

Race to Raise Virtual Leaderboard

Team Veritext remains in first place with with more than $5,000 ($5,400) raised for Ministry of Caring. Team Cure Sanfilippo Syndrome is in second with $1,680 raised for the Team Sanfilippo Foundation. Team Second Wind Fund is in third place with $1,505 raised for Second Wind Fund of Boulder County. The Race to Raise will continue until April 29 at 11:59 p.m., the day before the race. Congrats also to Team Cure Sanfilippo Syndrome which won the Sheraton South Wilmington Suite Prize last week. You can see the status of all teams or support any of them by clicking on the blue donate button on their team pages here.

We looked at last year's fundraising teams at this point (2 weeks to go) last year, and the then-current top 3 were: Team End Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy ($2,881), Team Veritext for Ministry of Caring ($2,600), and Team Cure Sanfilippo ($1,085). These teams finished the fundraising competition last year with $4,716, $5,550, and $4,550, respectively (and raised even more after the competition). Our point with bringing up last year's standings is: It's still anyone's race to win.

With two weeks to go, now is the time to reach out and encourage as many of your friends and contacts as possible to support you and your organization. 


Fundraising Tip

We have found that the most effective way to raise money for something you support is to ask someone to donate and provide a short reason for why you are supporting it. There are many ways to make the ask, and some of them can be found on on our website here. With two weeks to go, we recommend teams and teammates do one of the following to encourage more donations to your team pages.

Post your team specific URL from Crowdrise (or the general URL: as a social media status update on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. By posting the URL, your friends and followers just need to click to donate. 

You can also email your contacts a variation of the following (feel free to customize as you see fit):

Dear ___:
We are competing in the Delaware Charity Challenge ( at Brandywine Creek State Park on April 30 and need your help. Each team in the Delaware Charity Challenge is competing for their favorite cause, and ours is (INSERT BENEFICIARY HERE). We are only $_____ AHEAD/BEHIND other teams and are asking you to consider making a tax deductible donation to the charity through our team page to hit our goal of raising $________ and win the Delaware Charity Challenge. Can you help by donating $___ to support our team? You can donate to our team and (INSERT BENEFICIARY HERE) by clicking on the blue donate button on our team fundraising page: (INSERT TEAM URL HERE)
Thank you for your support!

Feature: DETV Grand Prize

Our top fundraising teams are vying to win three grand prizes in addition to the cash prizes awarded from the prize pool, from the Wilmington Blue RocksWJBR, and DETV. We will feature each of these prizes over the next three weeks. This week we feature DETV, one of our prize sponsors for the Delaware Charity Challenge Race to First 5K and Adventure Challenge Relay.

All teams are eligible for the DETV prize, which is a digital commercial prize featuring the team that raises the most money through their Delaware Charity Challenge team fundraising page by the end of the Spring Race to Raise competition. For the winning team, DETV will produce a 30 second commercial valued at $3,000. DETV will work with the team captain to film, edit, and customize this digital commercial, which can focus on both your organization and selected nonprofit. All teams are eligible to win this prize. To qualify for this prize, teams must raise a minimum of $1,000. The DETV prize will be awarded in addition to any other prizes that are also awarded as part of the Delaware Charity Challenge prize pool.

We hope this wonderful prize (and our other prizes) provide some additional incentive to help your teams raise as much money as they can for your favorite causes.

To help the teams raise money for the causes near and dear to their hearts, and also win one of these great prizes, click on the blue Donate button on their team page at

We've put some of the details of the day (including the course map) here: Race to First 5K.

Registration will start by 8 a.m. and the 5K and Adventure Challenge Relay will start at 9 a.m. We expect awards to take place by 10:30 a.m. Rocky Bluewinkle will also be there that morning.

Brandywine Creek State Park is located at 41 Adams Dam Rd. in Wilmington. The park will be charging cars as they enter if you don't have a state park parking pass. They charge $4 for in state cars and $8 for out of state cars. 

Swag: All runners are part of their registration will receive a t-shirt, a swag bag from Delaware Sports Commission, and a Delaware Charity Challenge frisbee. WJBR will be there with music and other giveaways as well. Winning teams in the various competitive race divisions will win prize money for their charities and also other cool stuff, which will be announcing next week as it gets finalized. If you have any questions in the meantime, just email us.